venerdì 8 maggio 2009

Open letter to Dixet President, Prof. Carlo Castellano

Dear President,

We're writing you on behalf of Genoa Accent spa employees.

You are probably aware of the recent news about the ongoing Accent industrial dispute, as they have been widely covered by the media at these days. Our case aroused notable interest in the media at local, national and international level and it is currently followed by the Regione Liguria work councillor Enrico Vesco.

The company is in serious trouble because of a bad business crisis and it decided to delocalize part of its activities in China (Shanghai) while opening a lay off procedure involving 19 workers out of 73, 7 of them located in the Genoa office, which employs 20 workers.

The company, even after several discussions with the workers representatives (RSU), is not willing to give up the lay-off procedure, though is widely demonstrated that this crisis can be overcome by means of welfare support provisions (short-time working) which would allow to keep the high-tech microelectronics engineers precious asset.

We think that the key to get out of the crisis should be the improvement of competitiveness , result achievable through the welfare support provisions, while the lay-offs would eventually disperse the accumulated know-how which will be necessary for the business restart to come.

So we ask you, as the Dixet Board President, and your next collaborators, knowing your professional interest in the world of microelectronics, to bring action in order to propose a constructive dialogue between the parts as it is now come to a halt after the May 6th meeting in Assolombarda, aiming to find a satisfactory solution to this crisis.

We therefore inform you that a similar letter has been sent by our colleagues from Vimercate to the board of the Brianza High Tech District.

Best regards
RSU Accent Genova

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