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Comunicato in inglese

Abbiamo redatto questo post in inglese (perdonateci e segnalateci eventuali errori) che riassume la nostra situazione. Lo stesso post e' stato anche spedito a diversi siti internazionali che riportano vicende come la nostra.

ACCENT announced 19 layoff

The company, on 19th March 2009, has announced the activation of the Layoff procedure for 19 engineers of the three Italian offices :

- 10 engineers on Vimercate office.
- 2 engineers on Pavia office.
- 7 engineers on Genov
a office.

The current number of engineers involved in design activities is 66.

The effetct of this decision will be the lost of about 30% of Accent design capability/competence, with a big impact for the current projects and the company know-how.

Even if 2008 registered the best result in Accent history, the company announced
the need to reduce the labour cost immediately due to the economic world crisis and the difficulties foreseen in Q2/Q3 2009 .

However this situation seems to be in conflict with the opening of the new office in Shanghai few months ago.

The workers offered a different solution to save their colleagues: a salary reduction with a proportional decreasing of the number of working hours, according with the Italian laws.

Unfortunately the Accent management doesn't consider this proposal as a possible solution, in contrast with the decision of other italian high-tech companies. A further table discussion with the management is foreseen on 6th May 2009; we hope that positive news could be announced at the end of that meeting.

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